Evil Eye Colors - What Do They Mean?

Evil Eye Colors - What Do They Mean?

Evil Eye Color Meaning

Much like people may wear different crystal jewelry for specific purposes, Evil Eyes come in different colors for different effects. All Evil Eye jewelry, no matter the color, will protect you from the Evil Eye, but each color has added benefits to the wearer.

Blue Evil Eye

Blue Evil Eyes are the most common and carry many added positive benefits for the wearer. The Blue Evil Eye is a symbol of good karma and good luck. It increases wisdom and knowledge. It opens the flow of communication, creativity and relaxation. Additionally, the light blue Evil Eye can help you gain greater perspective.

Red Evil Eye

The Red Evil Eye is the color of love and fire. The Red Evil Eye is extremely powerful at love protection. It can protect you and those closest to your heart, making your relationships stronger and more harmonious. It brings courage and enthusiasm to the wearer, helping them charge forward in life with strength and confidence no matter what life throws at them. 

Black Evil Eye

The Black Evil Eye symbolizes power. Black is the color of power and protection, so you can wear it with extra confidence that you are protected from all negative energies thrown your way. Black Evil Eyes increase your personal power to take charge of your life and your happiness. 

Gold or Yellow Evil Eye

Gold or Yellow Evil Eyes are particularly potent for attracting positive energies into whatever area of your life needs it most. It can protect your health, provide relief from exhaustion, and give the wearer a sharper mind. 

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