Everything You Need to Know About Evil Eye - Evil Eye Meaning

Everything You Need to Know About Evil Eye - Evil Eye Meaning

What Is The Evil Eye

What Does The Evil Eye Mean?

You've likely seen Evil Eye jewelry but may not have known what it means. The Evil Eye symbol is extremely popular for its unique beauty and claims of spiritual protection. Often the Evil Eye symbol is depicted as an eye with a circular swirling pattern surrounding it. It's commonly seen as a pendant or in string or beaded bracelets. 

The Evil Eye is popular in many cultures and numerous cultures throughout history have used it for protection. The curse of the evil eye is said to be cast upon an unsuspecting person whenever someone is envious of them. Wearing an Evil Eye talisman is believed to protect the wearer from that negative or evil energy. 

The Evil Eye has become a staple of modern jewelry and accessories. It's a piece of history and folklore that is as prevalent today as it was then. Although many wearers today may not know the significance or believe in it, it's undeniable that there's something intriguing about the evil eye that draws people to it. 

Where Did The Evil Eye Originate?

It's unclear where it originated from but some believe it originated in ancient Mesopotamia, where recorded use of The Evil Eye symbol occurred almost 5,000 years ago. Charms adorning the eye-like symbol can be seen throughout history in countries like Egypt, Turkey, Green, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon and Morocco. 

It is linked to almost all major religions including Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian societies. The Evil Eye symbol is said to protect its wearer from the curse of the evil eye. Many cultures adopted their own means of protection from the curse of the evil eye, but the most common among them is wearing The Evil Eye as a talisman. 

How To Protect Yourself From Evil Eye?

It can be impossible to know when you might be the subject of someone's jealous glares. Those glares release negative energy into the area and make you susceptible to its influence. The Evil Eye talisman deflects that negative energy back to whoever caused it with their glare. In that sense, The Evil Eye can also act as a teacher by teaching people to not be envious of others. Some believe the Evil Eye can also attract positive energy and good luck to whoever wears it. 

Who Can Wear The Evil Eye?

The Evil Eye is not specifically associated with one culture or religion, so anyone who wants to can wear it. It isn't gender specific but you will often find more women wear the Evil Eye bracelets or Evil Eye necklaces, among other jewelry. Ancient cultures believed pregnant women and children were most susceptible to the curse of the evil eye, but anyone from babies to the elderly can wear The Evil Eye. 

What Does It Mean When Your Evil Eye Breaks or Falls Off?

There's no need to panic if your Evil Eye breaks or falls off. It simply means that this particular Evil Eye has done its job protecting you. It has absorbed the negative energy and kept you safe. If you wish to have continuous protection, simply purchase a new one. 

However, a broken Evil Eye still holds the negative energy inside of it. If you want to rid the pieces of their negative energy, you may consider cleansing them in running water (especially in a river) or burying the pieces together to prevent the negative energy from escaping. 

Wearing The Evil Eye

Necklace vs Bracelet

The Evil Eye talisman is just as effective no matter where you wear it. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet or both. There is no restriction on how many evil eyes you should wear at once. In fact, wearing multiple at once means your Evil Eyes are less likely to become overloaded with negative energy. 

Wearing Multiple Colors of Evil Eye

You can combine Evil Eyes of different colors to combine all their benefits. It is common practice to wear multiple colors of evil eye at one time. It is even encouraged to wear blue and yellow together for especially potent protection from evil. If you are looking for specific positive benefits or protection in multiple areas, wearing multiple colors will amplify the effectiveness of your Evil Eye jewelry. 

Which Wrist To Wear Evil Eye Bracelet On?

If you're wondering which wrist to wear your Evil Eye bracelet on, it depends on why you're wearing it. The left side of the body is associated with more creative, emotional problems. If you want protection for fear, anxiety, love or creative pursuits, you should wear your Evil Eye bracelet on your left wrist. 

The right side of the body is associated with logic and mundane matters. If you want protection for work, making money or other projects, wear it on your right wrist. 

While a specific wrist might increase its potency for certain protection, the Evil Eye will protect you from any negative energy cast your way no matter where you wear it. It will increase positive energy and your quality of life, while also benefiting those around you with protection or positive lessons. There's a reason The Evil Eye has been used for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. 

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